((Tropaelum majus))
Health benefits
  • Treating minor cuts and abrasionsColds
  • Great for chapped lips and diaper rash
  • Use calendula teas as a mouthwash for gum and tooth infections
  • Gargle for sore throats and tonsillitis
  • Drink the tea to help treat bladder infections or stomach ulcers
  • To heal juvenile acne and eczema
The leaves if eaten one per hour at the onset of a sore throat drastically reduce the severity of infection A great hair treatment - juice from the flowers stimulates the tiny capillaries of the scalp.
Internally Boiling water method with fresh flowers: Fill a heat-proof jar with fresh flowers and pour boiling water over them. Cap and let infuse until the tea is cool enough to drink.
Externally Externally Calendula is a remarkably potent ally in helping in the healing of wounds where the skin is broken such as ulcers, wounds, weeping eczema etc and the body needs help to heal itself. Take a heaped tablespoon or a small handful of Calendula flowers, briefly boil in about half a litre of water then allow them to steep for another 10-15 minutes and then strain.
Note: it is no exaggeration to warn you to make sure that the wound or sore is nice and clean before you do this Compress treatment because Calendula has such power stimulate healing that any debris caught inside can be trapped and so create another problem further down the track. Then allow them to steep for another 10-15 minutes and then strain.
Side effects No side effects are reported; calendula is safe and nontoxic